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Our LX6 finally needed a radiator replacement, I mean we’ve owned this wagon for just over 4 years now and most of that time it has been off road.

It was strange though the radiator had no problem when used from day to day driving but as soon as you went off road, any steep climb or descend caused air to get into the cooling system somehow and then create and air lock causing boil up and the overflow would just spray out coolant everywhere.

We thought it was the cap as sometimes when the cap spring fails, the above are the symptoms but it was not this time round so on the next free weekend we had we replaced it with an Adrad radiator which cost us $150 + $50 postage to our door.

Never had to change a radiator before, fairly straight forward it was probably spent overall hour and a half and that was mainly because we where been careful. If I did it again I think I’d be able to do it in around 45 minutes start to finish.

Don’t forget to flush with fresh water until all color is gone by dumping the outlet pipe while feeding water in the top once clear let all drain and fill with OAT (Organic Additive Technology) coolant the red stuff then use the bleed screw on the radiator (if its a VZ) and fill while car is running and heater turned on the max until no more water is taken in and the engine is at running temperature.

I put a 600ml full of coolant in upside down just before closing bleed screw to make sure no more air bubbles are getting in and there is a small flow of water coming out of the bleed hole, gives me peace of mind and once the 600ml bottle gets warm I know everything has cycled.

Close everything up go for a good non highway speed drive and make sure everything seems normal.

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