Understanding Community vs. Club

While All Terrain Action operates as a community, it’s essential to note that we are not registered as a 4WD or Motor Club. Our team shares personal experiences to assist and mentor novice four-wheel drivers during their adventures. While this is one approach to aid four-wheel drivers, recognising the advantages of joining a 4WD club is another valuable perspective.

Chris is a club member and serves as one of the Victorian representatives for the National 4×4 Club of Australia. He opted to engage with this club, acknowledging it as an excellent platform for off-road adventure enthusiasts across the country.

Being an officially registered automotive club, the National 4×4 Club of Australia shares similar mission objectives with All Terrain Action in promoting responsible 4WD activities. Membership in both the community and the club provides you the opportunity to explore the breathtaking Australian landscape while emphasising a steadfast commitment to environmental conservation and the continued sustainability of the camping and 4WD lifestyle here in Australia.

Why the National 4x4 Club of Australia

This club take pride in being an all-inclusive club, welcoming all makes and models of 4×4 vehicles. Their commitment to being a family-friendly community is evident through regular meet and greets, delightful sausage sizzles, engaging raffles, and exciting free member lucky draws. Our calendar is filled with diverse 4wd trips, ranging from day excursions to entire weekends of thrilling exploration.

What sets this motor club apart is their nationwide presence, allowing members to forge connections and embark on adventures with fellow enthusiasts from different states. Moreover, as proud affiliates of the Australian Recreational Motorists Association (ARMA), they offer unparalleled benefits. This affiliation grants access to comprehensive Public Liability Insurance, opportunities to participate in specialised 4wd training courses, and exclusive entry to restricted areas not accessible to the general public.

Joining the National 4×4 Club of Australia isn’t just about owning a 4×4; it’s an invitation to join a fervent community committed to responsible off-road adventures, nurturing bonds of camaraderie, and delving into extraordinary experiences amidst the expansive beauty of our land in Australia. All Terrain Action now offically collaborates with this club, serving as the host for numerous events. This partnership enhances the benefits offered to members, aligning seamlessly with All Terrain Actions’s team vision and mission.

Club Membership Fees and Dues

As of November 2023, the initial membership fee for the club is $70 for the first year. Following this period, the renewal fee is $50 if paid before the membership expiration date.

Some events organised by All Terrain Action are club are affiliated. Therefore, if you are a member of the All Terrain Action community and attend a club-hosted event, you are limited to a maximum of three club hosted events as a guest to the club without coverage of public liability insurance provided by the club and then for any further club hosted events you require an active membership or be limited to attend All Terrain Action community days only which are not covered by the clubs insurances. We strongly recommend that all community members consider joining the club to gain access to its resources. The cost for the first year is equivalent to $1.35 per week, and subsequent renewals are less than a dollar per week.

It is important to understand however club fees have no association with All Terrain Action and is paid directly to the club.

Accidents CAN HAPPEN read this story!

A short while back, a club member experienced an unfortunate injury, underscoring the significant benefits of having an active membership in the club. Our swift and seamless response showcased our commitment to member well-being. A trained professional within the club provided immediate treatment, ensuring the injured member's prompt transport to the hospital. The efficiency and preparedness not only addressed the situation promptly but also minimised stress, preventing further harm. Our dedication extended as a club representative accompanied the injured member, ensuring they reached the right facility and standing by to relay information or provide additional assistance. In a powerful demonstration of club support, a newly joined member organised an eight-hour round trip to return the injured person's belongings, emphasizing the lengths our members go to support one another in times of need. This real-life case highlights the tangible benefits of being part of our 4x4 Club. While off-road adventures bring us together, our commitment to each others well-being ensures a prompt and effective response in unforeseen circumstances.

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