Work Anywhere Solutions

Starlink internet connectivity now empower individuals or teams to access the internet and work resources stored in the cloud from almost anywhere. It plays a crucial role in fostering connectivity, enabling people to stay linked for both personal and professional reasons. Nowadays, traveling remotely can occasionally pose challenges in terms of maintaining connectivity, especially while on the move. To address this, we have developed a seamless solution for remote work, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your travel experiences without any hindrances.
Chris, a talented IT expert, began his professional journey at a remarkably young age of 15. Through his exceptional freelance services delivered online, he quickly gained acclaim, which ultimately resulted in a collaboration with a small startup based in Melbourne. While the startup expanded its operations globally, Chris made the deliberate choice to stay rooted in his local community. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of working with esteemed organizations including Coles Myer, IBM, and the National Australia Bank (NAB). Currently, Chris dedicates his efforts primarily to improving existing business technology systems in his role as a software engineer, all while developing his brand All Terrain Action on YouTube.
With an innate comprehension of the essential components necessary for seamless remote work processes and with a strong focus on simplicity and effectiveness, his unique work methodology has allowed him to experiment and evaluate, in real-time, a remote work approach while simultaneously building his brand, All Terrain Action. His current goal is to present solutions that integrate travel and work, introducing individuals to a more convenient approach they may not have previously considered. Remote work allows people to achieve a gratifying work-life balance, allowing ample time for travel and leisure. Why settle for returning home after work when you can disconnect and relish the breathtaking mountain vistas of the Victoria High Country?
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a semi-retired professional, or an individual who values the flexibility of remote work, we have the expertise to assist
you in creating a versatile workspace that enables you to work from any place you choose. Our services go beyond computing; we also specialize in phone connectivity, allowing us to offer solutions for various scenarios and requirements.
  • Work From Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Solutions to access the internet and work resources over VPN utilising 4G, 5G and Starlink Services.
  • Make your RV a Mobile Office.
  • Recreational & Business Technology Solutions, almost anything is achiveable with todays access to technology.
  • 12VDC to 240VAC Inverter Solutions to power your office equipment, laptops, printers, media equipment etc.

Please feel free to reach out to us at your earliest convenience to explore your roaming technology needs. Additionally, we offer expert remote assistance for all your computer and technology requirements. We have established a valuable partnership with a highly experienced service provider boasting over two decades of industry expertise.

Starlink & Unifi Integrated Systems in Small RV settings.