Lifting an Adventra 50mm

Lift kits are available in our online store with AfterPay options check it out here.

If you don’t want to do this lift on your own we have have a workshop in Hampton Park, Victoria who can work on your Adventra and know your Adventra. Contact us for a quote or contact them directly and mention you where referred by All Terrain Action to get a discount on lift kit installs and vehicle maintenance on your off roader.

To achieve that extra clearance the Adventra can easily be lifted around 45-50mm with just springs.

I have lifted multiple Adventras in both VY2 and VZ everything is based on what you want to use your vehicle for in the end and this guide is all based on experiences of my own. I will keep this very simple though so if there are questions you should head over to our Facebook group and ask them.

Things to note;

  • You can use existing shocks, even if original as long as they are in working order.
  • You will most certainly need to replace your strut tops, every single one I’ve pulled apart have been worn.
  • You will most certainly need to repack and reseal your front CV’s after the lift.
  • You will need spring compressors, I do not recommend any other way but this way.

Things to check while doing this;

  • This is a good time to check your front and rear brakes or adjust your handbrake tension.
  • This is a good time to inspect ball joints and other suspension items.
  • Regardless if using original or replacing front shocks you will need strut boot & bump stop replacements.
    We use KYB SB5196 as the listed Monroe ones do not fit for the Adventra.

Decide which type of springs you want Liner vs. Progressive?

  • If you want a nice firm ride where your off road and want to maintain as much vehicle clearance as much as possible you will be best with Liner springs from Pedders.
  • If you want a slightly more softer ride and will often be doing long highway drives in the country or is a daily driven vehicle and willing to compromise with a slight bit of height you will be best with Progressive springs from Kings.
  • Many people have said they have opt in for Kings in the front and Pedders in the rear I have never done this but I can see how this might give a really balance setup.

Here are the items you will need;

  • 10mm ring spanner
  • 15mm socket
  • 19mm socket
  • 21mm socket
  • 22mm socket
  • You may need a breaker bar if you aren’t too strong.
  • A set of Spring Compressors (We use Stanley brand from Bunnings $60 for a pair)
    You can do this with only 1 set (2 compression points) but we often find using 3 compression points and buying 2 sets is safer and sometimes does help, it is up to you. Google “spring compressor fail” and decide if you want to even proceed with this, no matter what the front strut towers will need spring compressors.
  • Parts Cleaner

Then sit down and watch this video we recorded in a live stream of us lifting one of our Adventras with Pedders. I know the video is long so we added skippable click to points throughout the video with titles of what’s happening in that section so you can skip to parts you’re interested in.

It is extremely common that after lift and you drive for a couple days especially once you hit the highway that the original CV’s will leak out everywhere and create a mess underneath your vehicle, don’t worry this is quite normal and it is because your vehicle for its whole life has been used to one height position suddenly everything has changed so it finds a spot to leak out of. It is easily resolved by cutting the clips that hold the boots on and repacking with new CV grease and cable tieing back on. It is very likely if your vehicle is over 175,000km’s and its still using factory CV’s this was a good idea to repack anyway.

Enjoy and good luck.