Assess Network Requirements

Designing a layout for sharing a Starlink internet access  across a large area involves several steps to ensure robust coverage and efficient network management. Many simply add in mesh self operating devices and end up with a mess of connectivity with dropouts and speed problems.

Performing a thorough analysis and choosing the right Wi-Fi hardware are crucial first steps in establishing a successful wide-area Wi-Fi network. It’s important that Wi-Fi access points slightly overlap to enable seamless roaming connectivity. The manner in which these overlaps are configured greatly influences the consistency of speeds and overall network performance, helping to prevent frustrating connection drops as devices switch between access points.

The Right Ubiquiti Equipment

We utilise Ubiquiti UniFi network equipment, which is commercially available without the need for licensing or ongoing subscriptions. Once you purchase the hardware, you own it and can use it indefinitely. We configure these devices for cloud management, enabling us to troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely, often without needing to visit the site. Typically, our installations require minimal follow-up. However, Wi-Fi environments can change, and interference may arise that could affect network efficiency. These issues can be assessed and adjusted remotely. Additionally, our setup allows for the sharing of a connection over long distances to another location, provided the configuration supports it.

If you need a tailored Wi-Fi solution to share your Starlink connection or to establish redundancy systems, please contact us. We’re here to provide a customised solution that meets your specific needs.

Phones and Security Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, our technicians are well-versed in IoT equipment and can support and provide solutions for phones, EFT services, security camera systems, and remote access. We specialize in diagnosing and resolving existing issues, and we offer strategies to enhance your internet service, whether it’s for business operations or client guest network access.

Starlink Solutions

Starlink is engineered for quick setup, allowing users to get online within minutes of unboxing. However, transforming this user-friendly device into a robust business-grade network – ideal for back offices or park offices with limited connectivity – requires expertise. We specialize in configuring Starlink to function seamlessly as a standard internet connection, ensuring full compatibility with all your business devices.

We’re Melbourne based and here ready to support you on your site/business/travel requirements with Starlink!

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