Christopher Baker

IT Professional – Age 34 – Loves to find challenges in his Holden Adventra

A family man, together with his wife Sara and two boys. He had a number of business start ups in his young life and has been working professionally in the IT industry for most of his adult life, currently chasing the dream of becoming a content creator in the 4 wheel drive space. He recently retired from the game streaming platform Twitch after a long 8 years as a Twitch Partner playing Counter Strike. 

Chris decided in 2016 that he wanted to get out camping with his mates who mostly owned 4 wheel drives and after destroying their family Holden commodore on a bit of a trip to a campsite, that is when he decided to purchase his very first V8 Holden Adventra wagon which is a soft-roader all-wheel drive lifted version of the common commodore wagon you see every day on the road.

It all began in late 2016. Being a lover of his Holden’s, his v8 sedans and HSVs would never make it to the places he wanted to reach. After some research online he found the discontinued Holden Adventra wagons and purchased his first Adventra. He later learned that the v6 and v8 Adventra’s differed in many ways and for his own reasons eventually sold the v8 and purchased a v6 Adventra and began All Terrain Action with his good friends.

Originally aiming to prove the Adventra was more capable than many make it out to be, All Terrain Action has become a brand known to the more relaxed 4-wheel drive community where the objective is the adventure of exploring, rather than heavy-duty 4x4ing off-road and showing that you can run the most budget set ups, as well as educating what the real differences are between soft-roaders and heavy-duty off-roaders.

Conquering much of the high country in the Holden Adventra by 2021 Chris since has started to show how far you can take a standard (or very basically modified) four-wheel drive to places and really show that it is not necessary to spend tens of thousands on mods that may not really benefit the owner. But rather, focus on what can be done now and what they could do in the future, as well as understand how to better spend money on your adventuring. 

Thanks to a diverse network of family and friends, what was once Chris’s own hobby is now branded as All Terrain Action. Don’t forget we are normal people just like YOU. Anyone can do this. You’ve just got to take that first step and begin discovering.

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