V6 2005 vs 2006 Fuel Injectors Adventra

GM Alloytec 3.6L V6HF

1.5 years ago I purchased some non genuine injectors to try and resolve a misfire issue we had been experiencing from time to time. In the end that issue was related to failing ECM and well I left the replaced injectors in since everything was working perfectly after I had my ECM repaired. Bizarre enough … Read more

Tripod (Front) vs. Rzeppa (Rear) CV Joint

In the Adventra we are full independent suspension and while this gives us better overall clearance in most basic setup of solid/live axle setups we should understand correctly that the front and rear CV joins (Constant Velocity) are different and have different operational limits. These mostly will apply to the maximum height we could lift … Read more

Radiator Replacement

Our LX6 finally needed a radiator replacement, I mean we’ve owned this wagon for just over 4 years now and most of that time it has been off road. It was strange though the radiator had no problem when used from day to day driving but as soon as you went off road, any steep … Read more

Camper Battery Maintenance

Over the long COVID break the Adventra hasn’t seen any mud or much awaited wet camping and off roading adventure, the same can be said about our camper trailer. Like car batteries camper trailer AGM batteries need to be kept within full voltage to keep them healthy, after all have so far lost almost 1 … Read more

Polyelast Strut Tops

The Adventra group on Facebook have had provided great feedback over the last 2 years about Polyelast products for the Adventra. These strut tops will also fit any VY2 and VZ Commodore as well. I unfortunately missed out getting Polyelast front bushes as they were not yet available when I needed them but the feedback … Read more

Differential & Transfer Case Oils

Vehicles will go most of their life without ever getting a diff or transfer case oil change, we had our Adventra for years and since we do work the diff fairly hard in our off road Adventra’s I thought it would be a good idea to see how easy it is to change the oil. … Read more