A bit of hill decent control testing

A recent trip to Merringtons Campground near by Thompson Dam in West Gippsland gave us quite a insight to how the HDC (Hill Decent Control) preforms in the Adventra. We tackled 30-35 degree decent angles with it and it seemed to behave quite well, our brakes where stock with just Bendix platinum pads and normal … Read more

Cec Dunns Track, Noojee VIC

Last Friday we decided to head out to Noojee for some action. The original plan was to arrive late evening find a small camp spot and setup the swags and call it an early night. That’s not what happened though. Instead since it was raining we decided to get going to do some CrossTrac testing … Read more

The Start of All Terrain Action

All Terrain Action started as a YouTube channel to show others how underrated the Holden Adventra really is, for the price point and flexibility you get it truly is an enjoyable vehicle for many purposes. My YouTube channel is focused mostly of off road action in mixed terrain as I push the limits of the … Read more