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A recent trip to Merringtons Campground near by Thompson Dam in West Gippsland gave us quite a insight to how the HDC (Hill Decent Control) preforms in the Adventra.

We tackled 30-35 degree decent angles with it and it seemed to behave quite well, our brakes where stock with just Bendix platinum pads and normal rotors.

I would suspect that hot pads and perhaps slotted rotors may improve the result but for what it was it did a great job. I’m fairly sure the Adventra book does not recommend anything exceeding 27 degrees however and its important to note that HDC is only available in the v6 variant.

Handy tip also… HDC speed can be increased or decreased using the cruise control adjustment whilst HDC is active. Very useful when in low 10-15 degree conditions and you want to be lazy.

Here’s the video enjoy!