Join our experience day trips!

Access to Patreon experience day trips organised by All Terrain Action where you have/receive support and access to our team for any assistance or guidance as needed/requested, we will help you get into your comfort zone and reach objectives off road. This is really great for people new with a 4wd and want to get … Read more

Adventra LX Level Ride Modifications

Increase in contact with me has raised me to make a post about this so people can see visually what I’ve done to modify my level ride system to use it the way I am currently. To explain the factory condition uses a very basic controller that commands the factory air compressor to push air … Read more

Manual V6 Radiator Fan Override

V6 Alloytec Fan Override

To be clear I’ve never really had a problem with the way the factory cooling is setup in the Adventra, in fact it was only once I got a ScanGauge that I became nervous about it – but mainly only due to the live data the computer would report to me but then I realised … Read more

Lifting an Adventra 50mm

I have lifted multiple Adventras in both VY2 and VZ everything is based on what you want to use your vehicle for in the end and this guide is all based on experiences of my own. I will keep this very simple though so if there are questions you should head over to our Facebook group and ask them.

Fitting Bigger Tyres on an Adventra

One of the most common modifications done to a vehicle going off roading is to fit bigger tyres to gain more clearance and perhaps go for an All-Terrain instead of a highway pattern to get the crossover ability. In my experience the most likely cause of not been able to get through a track is contact … Read more