Jetboil Checklist for Cooking

Need to keep track of what I need when I go on my solo camp outs and what I need to bring with my Jetboil. When I am alone (or without my family but with other travelers) I try to be self sufficient, that is cook my own food and manage my own survivability and … Read more

Gluten-Free Salmon Stirfry

If you’re looking for a healthy and easy-to-make meal at camp or home, follow my below recipe for gluten-free salmon stir-fry. Ingredients Serves 6-8 4-6 Good-sized portions of salmon. 2 Bags of stir fry vegetables Sweet soy sauce Sweet chili sauce garlic ginger 4 packs of Hokkien noodles. Method In a pan, heat up some … Read more

Camp Gluten-Free Stockpot

Gluten Free Stock Pot

Great for at home or on the campfire. If you’ve got an army to feed follow my recipe for a gluten-free alternative to the traditional stockpot. INGREDIENTS Serves 8-10 people. 3l of stock (Masel brand is Gluten Free)A good-sized onion3-4 carrotsa dozen good-sized potatoes or a bag of small ones.4 cloves of garlic4 stalks of … Read more