Jetboil Checklist for Cooking

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Need to keep track of what I need when I go on my solo camp outs and what I need to bring with my Jetboil. When I am alone (or without my family but with other travelers) I try to be self sufficient, that is cook my own food and manage my own survivability and just tag along with the others.

Along with my Jetboil Minimo I’ll bring my Jetboil Ppan adapter and my Seatosummit 8 inch XPan with that I always have my wood utensils a bowl, plate and a mug for my hot drink additionally I need to make sure when I shop I buy;

  • Butter or Oil
  • Cut up meat or small portions of steak (beware though, steak may require more clean up than its worth!)
  • Fresh Vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus etc)
  • Salt & Pepper (also minced garlic if I want to add some flavour)
  • Wipes (as this is the easiest way to clean up)
  • Check I have enough gas, at least 200ml for any trips more than a day.
  • Check that I washed my JetBoil since I last used it, even though I clean it after each use it’s always a good idea.