4WD Tag Alongs, Day Trips & Community Meetups

From time to time we will organise day trips and community meetups these most likely will include traveling off-road and adventuring a little, most of the time things go the way we plan and everyone had a great story to tell but off-roading comes with its risks and for this reason there are some important serious things we must share with you.

Day Trips & Community Meetups all attendees must sign a media release form and a release of liability form the details are therein those documents.

If you have reached out to us for a private or small group tag-along trip you can pay a tour fee and not be filmed, some prefer this and this is totally okay but regardless you will still need to sign a release of liability form. If you are happy to be filmed you can sign a media release form and attend a tag-along trip which is free of charge when you are an existing Patreon member of our community – if you are new you can sign up anytime and cancel anytime or pay a once off fee which can be organised by contacting us.

We accept all-wheel drive vehicles and completely stock four-wheel drive vehicles we will help you find the limits of your vehicle, most people start basic and go from there it’s the best way to learn over time, learn within your budget and understand why you’re doing certain upgrades weather it be modifications to your current vehicle or upgrading to a more capable vehicle.

Please note that on all our trips with people unless otherwise specified at the trip pre-planning stage if we can avoid deep water we do (that is any water deeper than 1/2 a meter), even if everyone has a snorkel and we do not drive bog holes unless it’s totally necessary to move to the next spot – there are plenty of reasons why and if that is the type of action you are looking for you most likely won’t find that here – you will find many of these types of communities & clubs already exist in Victoria.

Things we generally aim towards on our trips are experience on the track while in the presence of other vehicles who can support if it is needed, visiting mountainous ranges, and seeing views only four-wheel drive takes will take you to. Traveling through some of Victoria’s beautiful high country and experiencing the thrill of yourself and others reaching new levels of accomplishments in the safest possible environment. Learning from experience and by example encouraging safe four-wheel driving and touring.

If you have any questions please reach out to us by our contact form here and we will return email within a few business days.

Our trips follow conservator regulations which cover campfires, firewood collections, illegal use of public land with vehicles, and the regulation of timber harvesting for more information visit https://www.vic.gov.au/rules-in-state-forests