Community Video Submission

Every time we receive enough submissions All Terrain Action will release a Community Created video release on our YouTube channel.

Your videos should be short ideally at least 10 seconds, not longer than 60 seconds each. No editing is required from you we may use some or all of your submissions in our uploads.

Select the UPLOAD button below select the video file and it will begin to upload. Large videos make take longer please wait for the progress bar to complete before navigating away from this page on average it could take from a minute to several minutes for a video to complete uploading depending on the length and size of the video.

By uploading your video you agree that you give permission to All Terrain Action to use this footage full or in part on our YouTube channel All Terrain Action and that you make a claim the video you are uploading is content that you own and created.

As at June 2022 video uploads have been suspended from our website, if you have video material you wish to submit please contact us by email at