Project COVID

No need to go into details we all know how COVID has affected everyone in different ways, we ended up selling one of our Adventra’s mainly to make room for a more fuel and economically suitable car for day to day things. Introducing our AWD Skoda Superb taking the place of the V8 Adventra beautiful 6-8L per 100KM and well, powerful than our past factory HSV E3 Signature Senator and VE V8 SS.

That aside with restrictions in Victoria looking like they may be easing soon I wanted to get a start on fixing things on the Adventra for a trip hopefully in December/January.

Items on the Adventra known that need looking at.

  • Unusual Coolant Burning/Drying Smell after 10mins of Driving
    • Been an issue for maybe since sometime mid 2019.
  • Play in the steering (more than usual) and not smooth steering.
    • Strut Tops I believe, where almost worn mid 2019.
  • Water leak of some sort, we left it parked out front over winter..
    • Either left window open a little and it filled over winter or;
    • Seals somewhere, mid 2019 carwash trips would leak the rear window so will check this.
  • Level Ride Air not going to full capacity anymore, sounds sick and always seems to be running.
    • Its factory 15 year old unit, due for a new one anyway.
  • Clunking noise from front when driving cold.
    • Probably just some rubbers needs replacing. Front bushes where done late of 2019.
  • Airconditioning is hit or miss, been an issue for awhile. In summer it will ‘sometimes’ work well and other times work, just enough that you know its there but not the way it should be working.
    • We had this looked at by a AC place, but the refrigerant came back as it should, they said they would need a few hours to pull it apart and look at other things due to the AWD gear up front. This was Jan 2018, keen to look more into this as nice cold air would be a preference!
  • Transmission oil weeping.
    • Not due for a service, but will service and put a new gasket that will most likely solve this.
  • Rear diff oil weeping, suspect after changing rear bearing last year we pinched it.
    • Never done a seal on diff before, so YouTube and advice then will attack this.
  • Unusual RPM bumping when on the brake in drive, only when air conditioning is on and never while its driving.
    • I am told that evap purge solenoid valve replacement most likely will fix this based on a a knowledgeable Adventra advice.
  • Increased fuel usage than normal, (or lying fuel garage)
    • For along time, it seems FULL to EMPTY on the guage = 300-350km’s even for highway driving (vic -> nsw -> vic) trip. Never ran it dry to find out but either sensor is reading wrong or o2 sensors broke and wasting tonnes of fuel, could also explain some power loss in the v6 I’ve noticed off roading.
  • Check Sunroof water drains & generational operation as I’ve noticed it sometimes when closing it will close then reopen like its detecting resistance or something recently.

All these items I will investigate and attack, at the moment plan to leave the Adventra off the ground while I order parts and fit everything over a few weeks.

Out the back undercover, jacked up for maintenance.

There is also a few things not urgent but stuff I want to resolve if I get the time after the above stuff.

  • Replace headlights with new/reconditioned ones, current ones full of sand. We lost a dust cap… never knew then one day it was full of water.
  • Parker lamp intermittent, tail lamp intermittent on/off wire lose somewhere.
  • Key barrel sometimes locks up, turns fine if pull key out and put it back in, but if you turn car off and try to turn back on it wont go unless you remove key and reinsert. This started happening late 2019.
  • Window motors slow as.. motors life is getting to the end maybe look at cheap replacements.
  • Clean up spare wheel arch, will proper tools in some order as this is out go to tool sets when were off road for any side of the road work.

I will update this page as things are fixed and provide links to parts and items I found I needed or used to preform the fix. Maybe useful to someone else in the future.