Policy Certified Program

There are thousands of four-wheel drive communities and clubs across Australia and one does not fit all and some communities and clubs have specific policies and principles in which it follows.

We network with other communities and we welcome them to join to our policy certified program (PCP).

Communities and clubs who are listed in our PCP are listed below and you can assured that by joining a community or club who are part of this network you will be welcomed into a community of diversity.

All Terrain Action is a community in which offers diversity for not just people but also for the vehicle type they drive, most communities and clubs will have rules about permitting only four wheel drives or certain types of brand or four wheel drives, unlike them we recongisie diversity and welcome any vehicle that has been modified for the purpose for off-road use from as simple as a tourer to get to campsites.

Communities in clubs in which are listed in PCP adhere to the following.

  • Any vehicle can join that has been modified for the purpose of off-road use.
  • The community or club promotes safe and educated programs to its members.
  • The community or club is established for a period where it satifies to be permanant.