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Take a look at our popular 3-minute camp review video below. If you’re looking for more specific details, feel free to continue reading the rest of this blog post.

This is essentially the main go-to campground in this area. As of 2021, it is 2WD accessible via Meringtons Track off Walhalla Rd. You are able to bring down single axle campers without any worries, and perhaps even a double if experienced – corners can be sharp an track is narrow especially if you need to pass a vehicle. However, it would not be impossible for a high clearance AWD or standard 4WD to go to and from the campsite in wet weather conditions – the track can get slippery in the wet, so for any 2WD it would be only a dry weekend campsite as getting back out could be an issue after rainfall.

With recent updates in late 2021 There are drop toilets at two ends of the campground, fixed tables, fixed firepits, and a central communal undercover area. During windy periods, there is a risk of high wind development, but otherwise, it’s a good area for family camping, a base station for nearby four-wheel driving, or just for a getaway in your camper or tents and swags for a couple of days.

As at our recent trip there in June 2023, there is still no phone reception at this campground on any network, starlink works reasonably well with very minor drops (once every 3 minutes, for a few seconds). The nearest possible mobile reception point is at the top of Meringtons Track as it turns onto Walhalla Rd which is approximately a 15-20 minute track back to the top.

It can get very busy during peak times, so arriving early on Fridays before a long weekend is recommended to secure a spot. There are alternative spots nearby within 15 minutes of driving if Meringtons Campground is full but during winter season you may need to pass a shallow water crossing and in summer season this crossing is generally only ankle height.

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