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Amblers Lane Track runs north from O’Briens Rd to Chettle Rd then continues north ending on the outskirts of Trentham in Victoria, although I consider that the 4WD track technically is finished at the crossing point at Chettle Rd for this reason I consider this track to be 5.5km long.

Features an easy start progressing to periods of steep descent to the creek and camping area.  Exiting the camping area and continuing north the track climbs steeply with some washouts but levels off closer to Chettle Rd, if you start from the O’Briens Rd side you will start with a very basic track that slowly becomes progressively steeper and increasing larger washouts, it is a great track for someone who has only had a few trips outs on the tracks and wants to go from easy to medium step – this is where I take anyone who wants to learn basics without overstepping boundaries.

This track is very easily done in the Adventra and so the requirement for low range is not necessary if you have a modern off-road vehicle.  Track be driven on highway terrain tires so long as it’s dry conditions although the washouts can have sharp rocks if the incorrect line is picked.  With heavy rain, the track can turn what is an easy/medium track into a difficult-rated track.

The camping area is quiet, situated adjacent to the creek and a good few meters above the creek level.  There are two purpose-built fire/bbq facilities but no toilets.  The creek is approximately 10-15 meters wide providing a great opportunity for beginners to traverse a waterway and we have never passed this river where we have had to have a snorkel.  The base is smooth rock and the track is seasonally closed during the winter season.

If you want to visit our favorite little camp site which is off Amblers Lane track, which suites around 4-6 vehicles circuit and is surrounded by a running river (not swimmable, not wide, and offers peaceful running water ambiance) turn off amblers lane track and follow this track to the end, it is not suitable in wet conditions. The track rating is medium but there is a bypass track for the hardest section. Even though you are in a hole for some reason we get 2-3 bars of Telstra signal at the bottom at camp and you are protected from all the wind weather since its passes over the top.

Watch a video of us heading down in the night, it is a beautiful spot in the daytime! The thumbnail is a shot taken of the camp spot from above.

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