Alloytec 3.6 Timing Chain

I managed to glaze my bores from the Simpson Desert trip due to a vacuum leak on my trip in 2022 so I’ve acquired a replacement engine and need to redo the timing chain, so while I’m there I will do a few other things before the transplant.

Oil pump (either YSK or revhigh) USA made > china made.
Timing Chain kit (genuine, recommended) I got mine from Holmart for $700 check VIN, there are different chains between years.
Camshaft alignment/locking tool I got mine from Mace for $17 delivered
New belts, if you are not doing this on an AWD version consider a power underpulley kit for more power.

25mm intake spacer (improved low end torque)
Water pump (because, why not?)
Spark Plugs (if you don’t know the engine history, replace if you are just doing your timing chains due to ownership timeline, change based on your service history)