Join our experience day trips!

Access to Patreon experience day trips organised by All Terrain Action where you have/receive support and access to our team for any assistance or guidance as needed/requested, we will help you get into your comfort zone and reach objectives off road. This is really great for people new with a 4wd and want to get … Read more

Camera Vehicle Preparation

With our very real anticipation to get out to some iconic locations in the next year in the Adventra’s just to see where we really can take it, how far we can push them we have welcomed a new vehicle to our setup one that will carry all our camera gear and act as an … Read more

Cec Dunns Track, Noojee VIC

Last Friday we decided to head out to Noojee for some action. The original plan was to arrive late evening find a small camp spot and setup the swags and call it an early night. That’s not what happened though. Instead since it was raining we decided to get going to do some CrossTrac testing … Read more

Holden’s all-terrain wagon V6 vs V8

The Holden Adventra wagon had the distinction of being the first Australian-made all-wheel drive. A platform based on the Commodore wagon, the Adventra possessed the dynamic strengths of a passenger wagon with the ground clearance and off-road ability of more conventional four-wheel drives. Hardware includes an adapter housing, three-gear transfer case, front prop shaft, front … Read more

New Family Member

Impulse buying is bad, well most of the time. While browsing Facebook I came over a group ad for an Adventra LX8 VZ 2005 model, while only having online outside pictures to go by the vehicle was only located 10 minutes down the road from me! I certainly wasn’t prepared to spend $5,500 on an … Read more

Wagon Nationals 2019

I attended the Wagon Nationals 2019 for the first time with Walter, turned out Melbourne weather didn’t actually look too bad! We arrived around 8am and in we went with the other Adventra’s, I was told we had 31 Adventra’s/Crewman Cross turn out which is the best turn out in all 3 years. We don’t … Read more

The Start of All Terrain Action

All Terrain Action started as a YouTube channel to show others how underrated the Holden Adventra really is, for the price point and flexibility you get it truly is an enjoyable vehicle for many purposes. My YouTube channel is focused mostly of off road action in mixed terrain as I push the limits of the … Read more